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女佣税 Foreign Direct Worker Levy

Updated: Apr 24, 2018


若家中有16岁以下的孩童、或有65岁以上的年长者或残疾成员家庭,都可享有每月只需支付60元的优惠女佣税。目前约八成的女佣雇主享有优惠税安排。2019年4月后,每月 60元的优惠女佣税将维持不变,但年长者优惠的合资格年龄将会从65岁提高到67岁。(参考来源:联合早报)






From April 2019, the Singapore government will raise the levy for hiring the first maid from the current $265 per month to $300, and $450 for a second maid. It is estimated that about 20% of employers will be affected.

If you have a child under the age of 16 or a senior or disabled family member over the age of 65, you can enjoy a concessionary maid levy of only $60 a month. At present, about 80% of maid employers enjoy this preferential levy arrangement. After April 2019, the preferential monthly levy rate of $60 on maids will remain unchanged, but the eligible age for senior citizens will raise to 67. (Source: Lianhe Zaobao)

The following are the standardized government levy on foreign maids:

With a modern busy lifestyle, hiring housemaids to manage daily household chores are no longer a luxury but deemed necessary by most double income earning families. From an economic perspective, the housemaids made available the opportunities for many Singaporean women to return to work for the extra income to support the family.

Recent customers’ feedbacks support the notion that housemaids are needed for daily household chores, caring for children and the elderlies. Housemaids are increasingly hired for supportive roles in contract of having them as luxury hires. In that sense, employers have yet to develop an over reliance on housemaids.

For some, the pending increase in maid levy may constitute increased financial burden.

This may happen to families with school going children above 16 years who drive no income from gainful employment but faced with ever rising university tuition fees.

For these families, it is hoped that the condition for the preferential maid levy be revised to having children below 21 years rather than the current below 16 years. The inclusion of these families under the preferential maid levy scheme will help relieve some of the financial burdens they are facing,

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