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【外籍女佣小故事 FDWs' Journals】 一念之间 On A Whim

文 / 莹


As human beings, we have hometowns. It is inevitable that we will be homesick when we leave our hometown to work at another place. This is human nature.


The FDW's work is of a special nature. When they decided to take this job, they are destined to lose most of their family's time. Not only have they had to separate from their families, but they must also integrate into the employer's family to live.



Knowing the hardships of being separated far away from their loved ones, it is not

difficult to understand that the maids turn out with various conditions due to their

homesickness that leads to their inability to adapt to the new environment. At Advance

Link, kinds of maids come and go every day, but homesickness is the "common problem" of every FDW.

A 是从印尼来到新加坡准备给雇主家工作的女佣,自她踏出家门的那一刻起,就肩


A is a FDW who came to Singapore from Indonesia to work for her employer. From the

moment she stepped out of her home, she shouldered the economic burden of her family. When she first arrived in Singapore, she had not felt anything wrong and everything was normal.




However, as time went by, her heartfelt feelings for her family gradually emerged. Only

two weeks after arriving in Singapore, she felt that she had left her home for three years. Without diffusing her suffering, it had finally reached the point where it was difficult to suppress. She decided to give up her work and get back to her distant home!


If she just went home like this, what about the economic matters of her family?


疑难杂症的经验,决定亲自与 A 面谈。所谓心病还须心药医,王太深谙其道,A


的利害关系后,A 终于决定学着克服情感,继续留在新加坡工作,为家里挣钱。

Fortunately, after the founder of Advance Link cum Overseas Recruitment Senior

Advisor, Mrs. Winnie had gotten to the bottom of the matter, she decided to personally

interview A with her experience of dealing with the FDW's problems for many years. As

the saying goes, seek yourself where you get your sore. Mrs. Winnie knows the

mechanism quite well, what A needed the most was psychological counseling. After Mrs.

Winnie had explained to A about what is right using the ABC method, guided her

skillfully by an orderly manner, and analyzed the interests in this matter, A finally

decided to learn to overcome her emotional feelings and continue to work in Singapore to earn money for her family.





Most of the time, perfection is impossible. We have to learn to face and overcome

adversities and dilemmas by ourselves. But when we can't find a way out, we shall need

the warmest help from others. To FDWs, the role of Advance Link is not only as cold as

an intermediary but while striving to provide quality services to employers, Advance

Link is more like guidance for the maid to the right direction.


To stay or not to stay, it may just happen on a whim.

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