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“Only the experienced could deliver 30 years of excellence”


Advance Link International Pte Ltd

Advance Link International Pte Ltd was founded by Mrs. Winnie Wang. Since establishment, it has grown to become one of the leading and most reliable licensed employment agency in Singapore that provides a broad range of human resource solutions to numerous businesses, households and job seekers. Working together with our professional consultant teams, we have provided more than 30 years of accumulated experience. Our service specifically targets your personal requirements.

Our Success

Attributes to the superb leadership of Mrs. Winnie Wang, the efficient cooperation of our dedicated professional team and the strong support of our business associates from various industries and communities. Advance Link International Pte Ltd believes in collaborated efforts and nurtured trust, which are the keys to sustain consecutive business success. Curdled with such timeless values, we endeavor to serve our customers with a critical mind, balanced with a tender heart and we can withstand the trials of economic turbulence and evolution.

Our Mission

To meet the requirements and needs of our customers with commitment and dedication. The primary objective is to provide excellent value-added services to various customers so as to become a market leader with good referrals from customers. We believe in integrity and honesty. Cater to our customers’ need is our top priority! We want our customers to know that they can fully depend on us for their requirements.

Today’s businesses and establishments operate with lower budget and leaner structures with fewer layers and functions. Thus, jobs become a scarce item in an economy that constantly pressurizes businesses to consolidate their investment. Human resource management has become an art that requires higher precision in the selection and placement of competent and productive individuals, whether local or foreign, to various positions across industries.

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Mrs. Hwane & Allie, thank you for recommending a good maid Maema Barros to us. 


- from thank you card -

Vivien Lee

Thanks you for recommending

Thanks for your good service!  


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Annie Lim

A Big Thank you!

I have very good experience with Advance Link. I have dealt with them for more than 10 over years, I found their services excellent. They have excellent training in cooking as well as character development. I have introduced them to many of my colleagues and relatives. I was told that their maids are specially selected to match individual household requirements.


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I would highly recommend them to any one who intend to hire a maid.

Advance Link maid agency that I already take almost 13 years maid with them. Their charges are very justice and acceptable if compare with others. Besides this, their service also very good. I highly recommend this maid agency for those who are considering to employ a maid.


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13 years ...

Normally for the employment agency, they will only give the employer the new replacement once the existing maid sending back to transfer. If you have send the existing maid for transfer the agency sure will give you a free replacement during the replacement period.

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Guo Zhong

Free replacement during the replacement period.

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