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​Winnie Wang Yang

Winnie Wang Yang is the Overseas Recruitment Consultant of Advance Link International Pte. Ltd.. She has been serving the industry for almost 30 years. Over the years, she gained high respect for her unique business concepts based on professional customer service. Advance Link International Pte. Ltd. mainly links up local/ foreign professionals, such as engineers, nurses, IT professionals, finance and accounting professionals, office administrative staffs, skilled staffs and general workers and place them in various positions in hospitality industries, infrastructure constructions, electronic manufacture and financial service industries. Winnie and our team strive to offer high-quality screening, interviews and preparation to the short-listed candidates in order to reduce our clients’ workload during the final selection. By providing such unique solution in recruitment process, Winnie and our team have gained the trust and support from the masses.


Besides serving as a consultant, Winnie is also a pioneer and leader in the Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) Industry. Her initiatives and efforts had brought penetrations and openings of many new FDWs supply sources and training centres. Major source countries now include Philippines, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Back in 1982, Winnie was the pioneer who introduced FDW selection using video records, a popular method in the industry today with minor modifications (Now we do webcam interviews). Having been in the teaching profession for many years prior to her business ventures, Winnie understands the importance of providing proper training and cultivating strict disciplines to the qualified FDWs. She composed a full set of comprehensive domestic training syllabuses which greatly attributed to her success in the industry. Many businesses and families have benefited greatly from her services, and Winnie regards her work as a means of contributing back to the society, which is clearly demonstrated by providing opportunities to business groups and assisting those in need with job placements. In the services sector, Winnie and our team has applied the concept of “spend the time to listen and explain patiently” into practice for almost 30 years. The purpose is to provide excellent services to all customers. She is a hard working person whose office is opened even during public holidays.  Winnie is a well-respected figure in the industry all these years. Besides being featured in various foreign media, she has been invited regularly to panel discussions or interviews on hot issues by the local media.


As foresighted leader, Winnie also holds the CEO position in Business Ventures Corporation Pte. Ltd. and is the founder the Global Business Opportunities Forum (GBO Forum, The GBO Forum is an industrial conference of Global Entrepolis@Singapore (GES), a world-class annual event jointly presented by the Singapore Economic Development Board and the Singapore Business Federation. Every year, political leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the world meet at GBO Forum and focus on topics of the latest global business trends and developments. Business leaders and celebrities from Europe, America, Middle East, and Asia gather to exchange ideas on new challenges, solutions and future entrepreneurial uncertainties. Winnie has thus established a vast interpersonal network with high-end corporate elites both overseas and locally.

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